Cash Flow and Ownership Benefits

Stable property genres and growth locations

Through our partnership with Millcreek Commercial we're actively looking for property types in growth locations throughout the country to further reduce risk and maximize long term equity growth and tenant stability.

The reasons we like Dollar General, Drugstore and Healthcare properties
01.Selling 'must have' items

Whether our tenants sell pharmaceuticals and toiletries or healthcare services and rehabilitation, US consumers can't live without the products provided by our tenants.

02.Operated by large chains

Because we select property types that are utilized by major national retail chains, our tenants tend to represent well known brands with long track records of stability and and reliability.

03.Desirable locations

We seek locations which are situated in growth areas where demographic studies suggest there are numbers of ideal users and excellent prospects for economic growth.

04.Growth Areas

More newly developed areas or areas where redevelopment and job growth is on the rise usually represent good locations for the types of properties we prefer.

Monthly Cash Flow

You'll be a tenant in common owner who receives your share of the rents every month.

Management Free

All Millcreek Commercial properties are either professionally managed or tenant managed.

Tax Benefits

You will receive your share of ratable tax benefits including depreciation, or interest.

Long Term Leases

All Millcreek Commercial properties are long term leased investments to credit tenants.

Credit Tenants

The tenant that occupies and often manages your property is usually a national corporation.

Solid Equity Growth

Millcreek Commercial properties are located throughout the US and often in in growth markets.

Cash Flow | Other Benefits
  • Our cash flows, depending upon tenant range from 5.0 percent to 6.25
  • Cash flow represents only the monthly income piece of your benefit
  • You will receive your ratable share of depreciation write-off
  • Most properties are debt free, but interest deductions are possible
  • You can sell or 1031 exchange in or out... any time you like
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