The Rapid Equity Program
Convert your trapped equity
Receive commercial property cash flow
Create a cash flow legacy for your family
Property owners in Southern California are taking their trapped equity and under performing properties and converting them into commercial property interests which generate great cash flow and tax benefits.
Evaluate Your Current Circumstances

We can help you determine the exact performance of your current property and seee how it is performing for you.

Design a Sale or 1031 Exchange Strategy

We'll help you sell your existing property or show you how to exchange into commercial property completely tax free.

Select a suitable commercial property with cash flow

Based upon your goals, you can select the property you like from our nationwide inventory of investment grade properties.

Making your equity work harder for you
How to be the best steward of your real estate equity

Many Southern California property owners have benefitted greatly from the double digit equity growth over the last decade.

However, now they find themselves with too much equity in a property which consistently underperforms financially, leaving them with yields which too often hover around one percent.

Read all about commercial cash flow and ownership benefits
So, what do you do when you need cash flow, not equity?

You trade in your one percent yield into a specific type of net leased commercial property which will assure you of a reliable, long term cash flow which can exceed six percent cash on cash return, with tax benefits.

Own a piece of this brand new Dollar General Store

How the Rapid Equity Program works for you

Owning an interest in a managed, cash flowing commercial property is quite likely going to be a bit different than what you are used to.

Most of the efforts of the owners, managers and even the credit tenant is all focused on creating the very best client experience, which results in sustained and reliable income to all.

That same focus is even applied long before the building is built by ensuring an ideal location with the proper amount of foot traffic, as well as how the builing and amenties are laid out across the property. All the things that will influence the longer term spending habits of guests which will increase the income of all involved.

See What it is Like to Be a Commercial Property Owner

See how our Rapid Equity Program can lock in great monthly cash flow

The Team Behind the Unique Program
Our Rapid Equity Leadership Team
As a long time Southern California Broker and investor, Blake has the first hand experience to lead the way.
Blake Vartanian
Chairman | CEO
Mike owns the most cash flow properties of anyone on the team. His experience helped pioneer the program.
Mike Cocos
Senior VP | Branch Director
Mary knows how to tell our story best. She's also the one to organize all the logistics into a performing portfolio.
Mary Walters
Joanne assists our brokers and their clients with the transactional logistics of portfolio building and keeps us running smoothly.
Joanne Vartanian
President | COO


View the Calculator Here
01.Select Your Equity Amount

Use the calculator to determine how much equity you have available which can be converted into a long term source of monthly cash flow.

02.Select Your Ideal Cash Flow

Once you know the amount of equity you have available, you can select the type of commercial property genre and location which will best generate the best results.

03.Equity Conversion Approach

How do you best convert your equity into the cash necessary to create the best monthly income portfolio? Do you sell, 1031 exchange, or refinance?

04.Make it a Reality

Once your roadmap is created, it is time for the Rapid Equity Team to turn your monthly cash flow dream into a reality. We'll handle all the logistics for you.

Learn How Property Owners Converted Equity into Cash Flow
Create Your Own Success Story
I sold this property in Southern California and converted it into $6700 in monthly cash flow.

This property had been in the family for a long time. But lately it was becoming a management headache. What I needed was a strategy to get rid of bad tenants and unreliable cash flow and get on better long term path...

I sold this property tax free and now make $8100 in commercial property rental income.

This property had served us well as a rental for over ten years. But my age was catching up with me and the deferred maintenance kept becoming more of a problem. The Rapid Equity Program let me 1031 exchange into a much better property with no management...

I refinanced this home which was paid off years ago. Now I have an extra $3400 in monthly income.

We had bought this property 24 years ago before the big price increase. Thankfully we were able to start renting it a few years ago, but the equity we had tied up always kept us from earning the maximum amount from our equity. That problem is now solved....

What clients are saying say
I Turned My Trapped Equity into Cash Flow

I inherited a property with tenant problems and poorr cash flow. Realty Pro 100 got it turned around completely so I now have reliable, long term income.

Greg A. California Investor

I had worked hard to get a couple of rental properties but I could never get my investment math right. Now I have the type of cash flow I used to dream about.

Alex H. California Investor

My family had a seies of rental properties that had grown older and were harder to rent. We were able to sell those tax free and set up the family for life!

Herman T. California Investor

I enherited a nice Southern California home with no debt. But the rent consistently provided me with a less than 1 percent return. Now I earn over 6.

Nancy M. California Investor
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We provide the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for those seeking to become serious real estate investors.

When know that when you own a property, either your own residence or a rental, you are on a journey. Nothing ever stays the same. Things change, often times for the best, but not always.

That is why you need an experienced team behind you to assist with those changes so that as an owner, your goals are always the first ones being met. And, should modifications in ownership be necessary, you are well prepared to move quickly and decisively to ensure your longer trem success.

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